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Story: As we can see in the trailer, this is a story of how a small village girl made her mark in the big wave of an ocean. Very simple and straight forward. 

Analysis: The concept of the movie is good, but the execution part is worst. The whole first half is very dragging and boring. A lot of actors were involved and made the first part of this film over stretched. The second part starts with a good note, but then the lot of melodrama made that bit boring. 

Performances: Keerthi suresh was good throughout the film, but couldn't make a mark as she did in other films. She looked jaded at many places. The modern attire didn't suit her well as that of Anushka shetty in Nishabdham. Jagapathi babu was neat, but he did this role a many times, previously. Others didn't have much to perform and were pale throughout the film

Other departments: Cinematography was excellent. Music by S. S. Thmaan was good. Screenplay is the biggest minus. 

Overall: A good story line with stupid narration and pale keep hi suresh in it, made this film a big flop.

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