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LAXMI :- Review (Thanks for the good attempt. Message pr focus na Kar k is pr focus Kiya wo bhi thik se picturized nahi ho paya)


The main idea of the movie was depicted in a hurry which gave the impression that it wasn't much valued, the core was not much important to the makers, so like always ultimately it was pretense care.

A film with Weak casting, worst screenplay, no adventure, no comedy & no vision as we know it's a remake of kanchana but I have found the remake of the music n BGM too.

From the very beginning, the movie moves so fast as if the director wants to show the audience what LAXMII the movie is all about. All the ingredients that make a movie appreciable is far from missing.

Laxmi is not worth your time, only take away dialogue is- If a Boy is born we call it Shiva, and, Girl we call it Shakti, you're both, you're Ardhanarishwar- may help impact mindset of people towards Transgender and gain the the respect they deserve.

                           What's bad

Silly Girl Rashmi & man Asifs story angle that doesn't add any value to the story. Mata ki chowki, jagrata part was also not linked with the story. Licking of Mahadev Trishul in song a nice scripted choreography, actions, acting n story. 

Not one actor impresses with his acting apart from Sharad Kelkar nor is there any laughs which are sad because it was supposed to be a horror-comedy.  

Villains came across as too weak and it was so damn easy to kill them.

Broke the pillar inside the goddess temple, n at last with the help of the goddess Trishul kills the villain. 

As the Aatma of Lakhmi feared only Pir baba n Hindu babas & pandits are fake or not capable.

This movie is again a very excellent way to show Hinduism in a bad light may be something to do with religion of few people related to the project.

I am fine with interfaith couple Rashmi and Asif coz at least Rashmi not converted to Rubina.

My problem is how a Muslim baba is shown as a savior of a Hindu family even uttering words ki "yeh parivaar Allah ki kurbat pe Aaya hain". 
Hindu Panditji shows the way to detect ghosts in the house but can't cast it away and the female characters come out of the temple bad-mouthing him. 

The villain is a Hindu fine with that but guess who helps him to stop Laxmi.. a Hindu baba.... why coz stubble message needs to be given majority is evil and rest other are secular.

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