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Bigg Boss S14 EP32 (4th November 2020) Hindi Full Show

I am a regular viewer of Big Boss and have so far enjoyed it. I felt MArathi Big Boss and specially Mahesh Manjarekar's weekends  made it more interesting than the Hindi Big Boss. However, today's episode of Nandkishore's Big Boss's task of dictatorship is the most notiating activity assigned by big boss and needs to be condemmed.

The activities that Nandakishore got SAi, Sharmista, MEgha and Pushkar do are extremely vulgar, immoral and remind me of Nigeran president IDI Amin. Nandkishore looks and acts just as IDi Amin did. It is very shameful that Big Boss should have designed such a vulagar task that is not exemplary for young minds to watch. In a society which is already male chauisnist, and one   that does not practice and promoste gender equality should be sending a wrong message to the public that these acts are approved in Big Boss. Acts of cleaning shoes, women being assigned work like washing dirty clothes,dancing to the whims and fancies, getting women do massage,cleaning feet are all very repressive and need condemnation. I plead MAheshji to publicly apologise in his weekend programme on behalf of Big Boss.

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