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I usually finish watching anything that I begin to watch. I feel it is unjust to leave it mid way - especially if I have to criticize it negatively. this is the only reason i watched all the nine episodes of this utterly disappointing series.
To begin with - the plot has nothing new albeit exaggerated.   
the series is quite a rushed one. a whole lot of fill-in-the-blanks  of emotions is expected to be done by the viewer on behalf of the characters to justify their decisions. 
An overdose of story line Punch made you probably startle for 5 secs and then - poof . 
i felt this was like a school play where all the actors was given equal weightage because what matters at the end of the day is a bunch of happy students feeling important and valued.  and how did that happen ? - by making bloodshed (remember the oozing intestines )  sex and violence used in a way to ONLY titillate.  

what scares me most - as a socially aware individual is - when i read reviews of people glorifying Munna and drawing parallels with their own lives. If that was the intention of the makers and did all this in the name of creative freedom - well , you have achieved the desired results. Very obviously it was an open ended last episode.

Today's youth seemingly driven by & fascinated with crime. In this current age of commercialization, capitalism & materialism unemployment is on it's rise in-turn forcing/pushing youth to join the world of crime! 
Totally unrealistic in logics and practicality but had a sort of realistic appeal and approach to it. Mirzapur is an intended dark and intense themed drama, not at all entertainment or fun watching but entertaining as it has a potential attraction towards it.
Storyline is fine depiction of scenes and portrayal of characters is well achieved by direction but surely this doesn't hides certain loopholes observed. Language and acting is good rather perfect in some cases else is otherwise, Mirzapur lacks sense and is in a way promoting sex, violence and crime.
This is not at all true description of the real district Mirzapur, it is entirely fiction so viewers don't be judgemental to us UP walas, don't form any kind of prejudice against us.. I know system here in Uttar Pradesh is awful but people are good.
Power tussle between police, politicians, local gangsters, criminals, history sheeters, Mafias and businessmen is not well depicted and balanced which is indeed the reality of this state. Story should've been more refined, not solely revolving around triumph and disaster of Tripathi family. But one thing is shown right in this show that unemployment is on it's rise nowadays forcing the youth of Mirzapur to join the world of crime for instantly making money.
One of my UP homie was telling me about the violence and gangsterism in UP before that used to be very common in UP. The stories didnt made made sease to me so he made me watch it. He made me so hyped up that i ended up watching it. Im glad i did... It was awsm...The dialogues were awesome (slangs aside)...awsm acting...
we have cultural festivals in the school which shows VArious functions , dance , music about the northern india...all useless... I used to think that North India sucked because of the high temperatures and many reaasons...but now i w=want to explore and study more about  NOrth india.

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