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One of the best series I have ever seen - on all levels of production: great cast all the way around, beautiful cinematography, wardrobe, music score and an engaging and addictive script! I could not stop watching and feeling everything the main character felt and everybody in between. All of it mesmerizing, so much so that I had to quickly find the cast online to prove to myself that it was a Netflix movie/series - my brain did not believe it. The ending was magnificently touching; and you come to know that the leading actress and chess prodigy has not changed in her heart - she surely remains the child in the orphanage that we saw at the very start. I cried happy tears a few times.
It was remarkable, spectacular even. Beth's character was elegant and smart. I love how she looks when she played all the Chess matches, she is ahhh stunning. Climbed the ladder to success despite addiction.

The representation of the Af-American girl as the antisocial character was insulting as she served no other purpose. Why didn't you pick a White girl to play Jolene? Still playing in the Dark in 2020! I'm sure it's  interesting, but I couldn't get past the first episode.
In my opinion, Beth character is one of the best ones I've seen so far, I could feel what she was feeling, she was so real, and don't start me on Jolene, at first I wasn't sure about her, but wow. Jolene is such a good soul, even though she fooled around with the book. 

One of my favorite things about this series is that it doesn't show everything through words. The characters' body language speaks a lot in this series, making it more real. Congratulations to Scott Frank,  


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