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As many other reviews out there have mentioned, it's a very colorful and unique movie for one Netflix decided to release. It had the nostalgia of Disney, Pixar, and Studio Ghibli in my opinion - and I am a long time fan of watching animated films. 

The music was interesting and beautiful and there are a few songs I've already started listening to on repeat because of how catchy they are. The bright colors and the animation are very clean and smooth which is appeasing to the eye. 

While I agree the story seemed a little off pace with how they told it, given the length of the film they did their best to cram everything together while still making it at least fun for a film that's aimed more for kids than adults, though that isn't to say adults wouldn't enjoy this either most likely. While certain aspects of the film have your typical tropes like the mother figure dying and a rebellious teen, people often forget it's a very *real* thing. 

Kids lose parents, or at least some kind of parental figure, in their life and they act out because they grew to love someone very much. For a character like Fei Fei to just easily move on and not be rebellious, it's not natural, especially for her age because she's dealing with grief in a way that nobody seems to understand. As far as the movie shows, we don't know what lengths her father took to help her cope with the loss, and they didn't really explain his relationship with his new love interest either. Even with the family dinner in the beginning, she's struggling because it's her mother's favorite festival and yet her own family did not seem to take her feelings into account. Granted, it had been 4 years later, but certain holidays can bring back a lot of emotions for people who experience loss.

Another thing people seemed offput about was Chang'e and her personality changes each time. People think she would have been better off playing a villain turned good, but in my perspective I saw Chang'e as a person struggling with desperation and loss. They specifically said she was kind and gentle in the beginning, but as time went on she grew to be rather cold and distant. Her personality could be explained through the sole means of her heartbreak, having had nobody but Jade for a long time in a desolate place like the moon. While she did her best to be a kind goddess, being reminded of your lost love can hurt and that's why she got mad at anyone who mentioned her being alone forever. Her behavior could be justified behind her desperation as she was doing everything she could for her lover - which, wouldn't anyone act the same way if they were doing it for someone they love? I wish we had gotten some kind of a flashback or something from her at least seeing what happened between her and her lover due to the conflicting stories told by people like Fei Fei's mom and her aunts. I feel like that would have clarified more of why her personality is the way it is.

Point is, I'm reading reviews that sit there and say that the story is weak and broken because of the pacing, but I think it had just the right amount of character development. I agree that things could have been polished to make it better, but I'm not going to complain because it was a good first movie for Netflix.

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