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I adored the animation, I thought it was gorgeous. Music was on point, creepy and powerful. The plot was mediocre at best, as a lover of greek mythology I felt a little let down as I felt like there could've been more done/more lore incorporated. My biggest complaint is the character development.  As I got further into the show I felt like the main characters were bland and the ones that were even slightly interesting were villains. I finished this show a few hours ago and I couldn't tell you a single personality trait of the main character, Heron (Brave? Sad? Angry?).
 I hope there is a second season so we can truly get to know the characters, obviously this season had a lot of world building etc and maybe that got in the way of character development.  Also I would've liked for the goddesses to have more lines, we never heard a goddess besides Hera utter a single sentence. I'm an Artemis fan first and foremost so seeing her sidelined pissed me off. 
 Give my girl a line! For those wondering I'd say the gore level = animated Game of Thrones while the dialogue & writing reminded me of Avatar the Last Airbender with a few cuss words thrown in/adult themes. Give it a watch, it's a time filler, perfect for quarantining. I have big hopes for this show, season 1 is a good foundation, hopefully it will work out its quirks for season 2.
The music and animation in this show where both absolutely wonderful, and the plot, although predictable at times, is able to hook you in enough to encourage you to keep watching. The biggest gripe I had with this show was the characters. Throughout the show you never really get the chance to see any of the characters personalities and it really takes you out of some scenes. The show will try to create these dramatic moments between characters, but since you've hardly seen them interact in the show, and 99% of those interactions where either through fighting or flashbacks. You just aren't given any reason to really care about any of them. Hopefully if this show gets another season in the future, it will work to develop the characters a lot more, or at least give them a few simple personality traits to go off of.

And even though I personally have problems with parts of the show, I still feel that this show has a lot of potential and you should check it out and see what you think of it.
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