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he Social Dilemma is a Shockingly Disturbing and Insightfully Captivating documentary film that explores the dangerous human impact of social networking, with tech experts sounding the alarm on their own creations. There is no other film that is more important than 'The Social Dilemma' right now. And I doubt if there has ever been a film more relevant in the history of cinema.

This Eye-Opening documentary is a wake-up call for all of us. We know we’re being manipulated by social media & having our psychology used against us. This exposes truths about big data, manipulation, & warnings from the people who designed Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Everyone should definitely watch this to understand how these social media platforms are using us and how Humanity will be destroyed by Technology in the near future.

 *Highly informative (Film) piece of work which focuses on:* ⬇️

> How Social media affects your life
> In what ways do they manipulate you
> How hate speech and false information spread through social media
> How do they affect literally all spheres of the modern world including democracy, suicides, mob violence, so and so...
> How you can control yourself and not fall into the traps laid by digital platforms

Endnote :
You would at least turn off your screen notifications after watching it. This will change you.

Streaming on Netflix, I Strongly Recommend each and every one of you to Watch it ASAP because This is the Best & the Most Hard-Hitting and impactful documentary of this year so far.

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