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 The Babysitter: Killer Queen (2020) Hindi Dubbed (Dual Audio) 1080p 720p 480p BluRay-Rip English HEVC Watch The Babysitter: Killer Queen Full Movie Online On Katmoviehd.nl

Movie was extremely enjoyable to watch, was not exactly like the first one in the sense where all the scenes made some kind of sense with proper reactions from Cole but I did enjoy the fact they changed up the tone. My only problems with this sequel are the plot holes like why would Melina turn so evil, if they truly wanted to go that route they should have given her a deeper development, the fight scene between Melina and Phobe  seemed out of place but it fit the sort of vibe of the movie so I wasn’t to caught up on it. Also wish they used the original cast members for a longer period of time, I feel like they died off too quickly in some cases, and I wasn’t too much of a fan of the younger kids. 

The twist at the end had me hyped up, I wasn’t necessarily expecting that which isn’t usually the case for me. All in all this movie is purely for entertainment, people shouldn’t pick it apart too much and should just accept it for what it is, it’s not meant to have an extremely deep story line where your blown away at the end but it does keep a good steady entertaining pace throughout and keeps you wondering what is gonna happen next. It’s mostly original which is one of the main reasons i’m giving it 5 stars, this in the first movie seem to fall into there own sort of separate category and I respect that I just wish the execution was a little more thought out and fluent. 

Would honestly love to see a third one but only if they have a good story line to work off of and it’s not a cash grab, the ending was pretty satisfying so I understand if they choose to end it there but I do enjoy these types of movies and I think if they really wanted too they could make some sort of sequel to this and possibly even a few more but they would need fresh material and ideas which is entirely plausible with the right screen writers and directors, especially since the world they are creating seems extremely random and whacky.

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