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Acting is good and I enjoy the essence of the storyline but anyone with basic knowledge of the space program would easily dismiss this as a poorly put together drama. 

So we’re going to Mars...  cool. Many think we will use the moon as a pit stop but not likely using fossil fuel to launch and solar energy to accelerate which is used here... especially if it will take only 7 months to reach the red planet. 

They are able to video call whomever they want at all times of day and night despite their orbit without lag using iPhone 10s which is nice.  

(Not so much spoiler alert) They sent an astronaut on a trillion dollar mission to Mars before getting their bloodwork back and every astronaut is way too emotional to ever pass any aptitude test. It’s like “Greys Anatomy goes to Space”

They don’t have any way to maneuver outside the spacecraft yet this tech already exists. 

I’m on episode 4 and I’m calling mission failure.


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