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The original was a decent film with a lot of violence. It had perhaps 1 of the best negative characters seen in hindi cinema (Sadashiv Amrapurkar as Maharani). The fight between good & evil in the original kept u at the edge of your seat. The original wasnt really a master piece as such but it was a good film which worked perfectly in the era of its release. 

Now almost 30 years since, we see a sequel. Now the major problem with sequels in bollywood are that most are after a long gap. A 30 yr gap means most performers of the original are either old or may no longer be amongst us. The relatability with the plot goes missing when all u have is 1 character from the original. They could have might as well madeva fresh film than hamper the legacy of the original. 

The problem with bollywood is that they often make horrible sequels to mint money & harm the legacy of the film or its characters. Aamir Khan made that mistake with Dhoom 3. Salman repeated the mistakes in Race 3 & Dabangg 3. And now we see Alia Bhat make a similar attempt to gain a hit at the box office by being part of this dud. 

The plot revolves around a young girl who has a mission to spread awareness against blind faith in godmen, a concept already overused by bollywood in the past few years. Then we have Ravi (Sanjay Dutt) who is having suicidal thoughts & doesnt wana live anymore, as Pooja (Pooja Bhat) has expired. Given that the original was their love story, we deserved both to see both of them for atleast a bit. But sadly that wasnt the case. 

Rest of the story revolves around the plan to murder Alia by some1 close to her & on the flip side she is determined to reach a place through Sanjay Dutts taxi. 

Such foolish reasoning & pointless opinions made no sense. The director really had no idea what he was trying to make. 

Performance wise only Sanjay Dutt impresses. The villains hardly have much to do & Alia Bhatt irritates at times. Aditya Roy Kapur was rightfully a mere spectator. 

All in all, a terrible movie. In fact had the backclash due to nepotism not been there, this wouldve rightfully been universally rejected. Now atleast the producers would blame negative publicity for its negative reviews.

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