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I was wrong to recoil from this curious concept (let's mix CSI with Religion, Therapy, and Tragic Romance).

On paper, this series should never have drawn so much talent.
One gets the feeling the people involved in this project could conquer the world by mesmerizing the planet with a Bigfoot & Wildboy remake.
No fan I met (yet) has managed to articulate how the addition of a religious character could interest me in yet another CSI show (it always sounds like a dreadful recruiting video for Christian flatfoots).
I remember wondering: why would the devil want to fight crime on Earth (if not to enjoy taunting detectives in a world living in hopeless denial)?
I'm still quite surprised this wasn't the devil's initial motivation, frankly (despite the fact that forensic scientists are far from the apex of scientific curiosity).

By some miracle, this series works.
I suspect somebody came back from hell with this recipe.
I concede it does drag in places (season 3 especially).
The antagonists can be cartoonish. 
A simplistic pattern emerges in each episode, which tortures the slow growth trajectory of some protagonists (which frustrates the audience from realizing their greatest desire: to witness some rather trivial character resolution).
I'm so glad I stayed with this series, because it really takes wings in Season 4 (which brilliantly delivers)!!!
Finally, what an amazing performance from Inbar Lavi (Eve)!!!
Can you please make an Eve spinoff, while you're at it? OMG!


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