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It’s okay to watch Class of ‘83, as it’s on Netflix and free.

A reminiscence of Ghayal where Sunny forms a gang to avenge Balwant Rai, here a brooding cop trains his class and finds the lowest scorers or backbenchers to form a team of upright cops.

Apparently based on true facets of cop lives, it kinda dissolves the reality into a slow churn mix that really doesn’t stir you up.

Like Nawaz in Raat Akeli Hai kept you so much engaged, you don’t mind getting a coffee in this slow fare of cops vs gangster drama as you aren’t captivated by anything really.

The movie highlights that being a cop doesn’t give you much of defensive bargains so they learn the tricks from the master aka Dean VJ on how to meticulously do the deed of killing someone and make it fair and square.

There was so much scope to get a gangster who might be delirious in his achievements without being stereotyped but all we get is some random guy in the end who fizzles much earlier than you even scrutinise the character.

Bobby Deol is a good guy otherwise but in terms of acting, just playing a brooding cop doesn’t lend any character to the role just like we had Jhanvi with a permanent sad look in Gunjan Saxena.

Unfortunately Bobby in a serious role gives such  an expression where it seems he wants to laugh hard but is just controlling it.

The BGM in parts was good.

Nothing much more can be said about the movie that gave a promising trailer but was a downer.

Rather watching Shootout at Lokhandwala will keep my yawns away 😂


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