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I am in the cinema watching this right now, its so disappointing that I m actually writing a review half way through to movie.

The story is really weak compared to the predecessor. The first movie’s story was compelling,engaging and you’re always at the edge of your seat as you want the characters to escape as if you were with them. Most of the characters were memorable, even some of the extras. 

This movie sacrificed the a lot of potential storytelling and replaced it with a lot of action sequence which i did not mind and it was great but I wanted a bit of story to back that up. Its kinda like a combination of World War Z, Fast & Furious, Mad Max & Baby driver with how good that girl was driving, how did she even train herself to drive like that in a post-apocalyptic world? The little girl’s care free attitude was kind of cringey at times. The main villain as kind of cool especially at the end, but how was he appointed as the leader of a group that’s so brutal and violent when he doesn’t show any dominance at all. I’ve been playing a lot of The Last Of Us 2 so maybe my standards for this movie was too high but i at least had fun watching it.

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