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The Umbrella Academy is a really good show,tho it might not be as weird as the vibe of the comics,(which some comic lovers dislikes the show for) it gave us a fresh perspective of the characters' dysfunctional habits which us ordinary people can relate to. The music is a classic gift from God 100%, and it really has that emo/gothic-esque feel going on in its cinematic style. Everyone's acting is really brilliant , and the ones that stood out the most for me are Klaus, Five, Diego, Grace, Hazel, ChaCha, and Ben. But although the show is really lovable and good, I personally think that its not for everybody, as per the bad reviews. These could be the possible reasons why some don't like it:
*They are a huuuuge fan of the comics and hated the changes
*Maybe they expected something like action-packed movies, someone being punched and/or dying every minute (Deadpool)
*Doesn't like the speed of the story's pacing
*People think people who are labeled as "Superheroes" aren't capable of doing stupid decisions (cue batman)
*Ellen Page is in it (idk why is this a problem for some tho, she's fine as Vanya)
But overall, this show is a gem guys. This doesn't get good reviews for nothing. 10/10 would watch again.

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