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"Large manors have large secrets."

A concept which a lot of Indian filmmakers have been adapting in thriller based plot off-late.

Raat Akeli Hai was a much awaited Netflix original for me.

A murder within a close-kint, influencial & old school family in Lucknow where anyone and everyone could be a suspect. 

Concepts of Child assault within traditional families, age old practice of families of servants working for the haveli, corrupt police officers and political figures have been incorporated.

Nawaz as Inspector Jatil Yadav and Radhika Apte as Radha the newly wed turned widow...both being most of our favorite actors..well this wasn't  one of their best performance but what amazed me about these two was their chemistry opposite to each other.

There's not a single intimate scene between the two yet there were moments where set have set fire on the screen with eye-locks.

There are certain loop-holes in the storyline...and the songs seemed kinda unnecessary. The length could have been cut down...but these minor aspects can b overlooked.

I loved Ila Arun as the typical Indian mum who won't let his 40 something son adult.
She's a backbone to Navaz's character.

Special mention- the last scene of Inspector Jatil discarding off his tube of 'Fair and Lovely'.

Let me know if u liked the film!

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