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A potential tear jerker laced with emotional moments and ascerbic humour

Not knowing when you will die or how will you die doesn't matter but what you do with the time between birth and death is what truly matters" says Manny(Sushant Singh Rajput) in Disney's latest offering 'Dil Bechara' which premiered on its platform on July 24. The film is an earnest adaptation of the famed novel "The Fault In Our Stars" by John Green and traces the lives of 2 terminally ill youngsters who conquer the demons of their illness and societal sympathy to develop an innocuous romantic bond with each other and to live their lives to the fullest during the span of their short-lived days. 

The opening scene of the film introduces the female lead( brilliantly aced by the newcomer) attending a funeral which is part of her efforts to accustom herself to the harsh reality that awaits for her and to alleviate the possible saddness in the lives of her parents with her untimely demise. Sanjana Sanghi with her vivacious eyes and exemplary acting acumen has dished out a fine performance as Kisie. Her flawless essaying of Kisie perhaps serves as the perfect launch pad for a newcomer in Bollywood. The bittersweet comedy and intriguing relationship between Manny and Kisie rustle up the tone of the film a notch higher and strikes an emotional chord with the audience. Kudos to the screenplay for not veering off into the beaten track of familial melodrama and forced tear jerking scenes.

Despite the well -knitted screenplay,the film comes with it's share of glitches. The glaring error of the film appears when it slightly veers into a preachy state of affairs and the director tries to inculcate the mandatory love meets pain scenes where the female lead is forced to undergo immense pain just after one of the most happiest moments of her life. Much of the detailing revolves around the couple whereas much focus was not given to Manny's relationship with his family. However the director quickly manges to tighten his grip over the narrative with some well thought out dialogues and intimate moments between the duo.'Dil Bechara' is a poignant account that has all the elements for a commercial potboiler and leaves us craving for more of Sushant Singh's on-screen charisma and charm. None can't resist but enjoy the movie with a pair of moist eyes cause the new age star has fallen a bit too early.

Note; You can watch Dil Bechara on Disney plus for free

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