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The best way to describe this series is lazy writing. The plot holes are many and expansive. They make the characters unlikeable and focus far too much on slow-moving relationships that go nowhere.

The show is filled with cheap cheesy slow scenes of softcore porn. Keep your finger on the FF arrow a lot to go through the slow scenes, as they drag on and on. 

The main character runs into danger for no apparent reasons and refuses to fight in the beginning of the series. She has no survival instinct and everyone who stands around while people are being slaughtered is laughable. The CGI is really cheesy and gives me the impression of low B grade movies from 2007. 

The many layers they concocted could have turned out great if the actors were given better direction or depth via the script. The writing in many places was far to slow placed to keep me gripped to the story and I often found myself wanting to check my phone to see do something else. 

I really wanted to love this series but at the end of the day it really fell short in a lot of ways and it makes me wonder how much money they paid to have this show be rated as highly as it is from all the other reviews I have read. Many seem real though some of them you can tell are from bots. Over all not impressed with the experience, but it provides 10 hours of 'meh' entertainment if your board and want to watch something different, though possibly not good.

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