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Breathe: into the shadows (2020)

Okay, so let's get directly into it

During a birthday party, Siya Sabharwal(Ivana Kaur), the daughter of a highly reputed psychiatrist Dr Avinash Sabharwal (Abhishek Bachchan) gets kidnapped by a mysterious hooded figure. 

9 months later, the kidnapper contacts Avinash and his wife Abha(Nithya Menon), who have lost all hopes that their daughter is alive, to tell them that their daughter is alive. Now, the kidnapper doesn't demand money from the couple, instead he tells Avinash that he'll have to kill some people if he wants his daughter alive. So who is this kidnapper? Does he have a connection with Avinash's past? Watch the series to find out

Director Mayank Sharma made his directional debut 2 years back in 2018 by 'breathe' starring R Madhavan, which impressed all, the story, screenplay, performances, all were fantastic. Now, he brings us a more darker, crisper series than breathe and this time he outdid HIMSELF , everything that is put into this web series is simply thrilling, and engaging throughout the 12 episodes, FANTASTIC. 

Cinematography and the editing are also done beautifully. This is the first web series where I didn't found a single flaw in the editing.

Coming to the performances, This is Abhishek Bachchan's finest performance till date in his career, before watching this series, I found his acting average in the movies, but here in this series, he exceeded my expectations OUTSTANDING.

Amit Sadh is also good and delivers a very good performance, his expressions are fabulous. Nithya Menon acts very well, especially in the climax scene. Hrishikesh joshi and Shrikant Verma are FANTASTIC, the comic timing of both of them is simply outstanding, it's a really difficult job to make the audience laugh in such a serious series, but they have done this job beautifully. Saiyami Kher gets little scope. Ivana Kaur and Resham Shrivardhan are fine.

Final verdict: It's a long series, but it's such a brilliant one that will keep you engaged throughout the 12 episodes.... Don't miss it.

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