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Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole: If you are looking for the Legend of the Guardians movie, then you are at the right place. Here we will tell you about the move and how to watch movies online for free. Without wasting any time let's get into it.

Legend of the Guardians
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This movie is based on a fantasy book called the Legends of Guardians. In this book, the author tried to describe the story of owls guardians.  In this movie, a young owl called barn owl lives in the forest with his family. His father tells him the story of Guardians. Some people consider Guardians as part of the story but his father always says that they are real. A blind snake was his friends and also another child owl was also his friend. 

And also there was a myth of Twilights. Which some people supposed to be the truth but many don't. But one-day Twilights attacked the jungle and kidnapped many owls to make his army. Their leader said the world is for the strong not for the weak. We should finish weak people in the world. 

Many of the owls agreed on their new leader and one of the friends of the barn owl became his great commander. The reason was that his new leader trusted him more than others. He also gathers many other owls to become part of his army. Their new leader sends parents of barn owl to jail.  The barn was also watching this. He with his young friend went to find the guardians. 

In the way, he found two new owl friends. and also his snake friends were with him. All his friends tried to stop the barn many times, but he listened to his heart. He finally reached the place of guardians and described what happened. They didn't trust him. And checked by themselves. When they get to know what is going on? They decided to attack the twilights. 

But twilights were aware of that. They made a great plane to defeat guardians. And almost did. But the barn owl came in the end and save all guardians. Then, guardians killed the twilights and barn owl killed their leader with a fire stick.

In the end, they celebrated their victory against twilights. And barn owl was rewarded for his bravery.


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