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The Politician has many endearing qualities,  bold and engaging with some bright characters. I binged watched within one sitting, 

When you think of a show  based in high school setting. I picture irritating young actors with blonde hair, perfect skin and blue eyes where they say annoying things which make you cringe, using social media slangs and youthy catche phrases which 98% of others  won't get or want to punch them.... There was none of that. 

The characters are strong, funny and interesting, some are not... But it stays close to politics at its core theme and follow the story of it's lead actor who will do anything to get his dream with some humanity... But not exactly house of cards material which is also a good thing.  It campy, fun and interesting plots.  It's not realistic  but is relatable. Which works. 

The show starts strong, the middle lags, the final episode could have been placed in the middle  to enhance it and cut the melodrama antics a little.  Some of sub-plots are stringy and over-looking and some random moments of singing.  The first song was nice, 2 songs randomly later it was cringe, got those Glee vibes. 

Then you have Jessica Lange and Gwyneth added,  they were both great, their characters keep you entertained. 
Some of the filler actors were also a-bit annoying and not really needed at all. 

Ricardo's idioticy was a bit extra, but mildly enjoyable. The Brothers & dad. The attempted killing of the dad and cutting them off the brothers from the will. Then randomly back in the picture as family of 3. Walking into the room as if Destiny child had been reunited again. Then the dad cutting the wife off then paying for all her Jewels. Little sequences of unrealistic situations that make no sense. 

Which gets saved by the last episode,I understand the reason for using the last episode as the hook to pull you back, it does make you want to know what happens next. Who doesn't want to see Bet. M , she's class. I did enjoy and will be tune in for the next chapter. 
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