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Dark is different from any other Time-travel movie or series it takes time as an element which nothing has used before like it. the creators did a excellent job of storytelling and keeping the plot together and shocking us every episode. The plot of the series is quite complicated but if you have watched it entirely then to there will be some details that you have missed .Its one of the rare series that makes you completely lose your mind and doesnot let to stop thinking about the things you saw all in all the show lacks some humour as there are many adult plot points invloved but not to say as the show lives upto its name as its dark in many ways.The creators decided to make a trilogy but as it is after the end of the 2nd season there are many burning questions left which the fans need to get answers but till then the first two seasons are worth watching. personally i would recommend to watch it in its original german version but will say that the english dub is good you can go for it if subtitles are not your thing or you don't know german. This show takes time travel to a new dimension and explores in a unique and bold way which will keep you coming for more. 

Season 3 is a big ride that'll answer all your questions as well as tie all the loose threads together and give a story filled with mind blowing plot twists and mysteries. Season 3 as a stand alone is not the best but as a cumulative Trilogy it ends the series on a high note.I can't speak much without spoilers but  the way the final few episodes play out is amazing you'll never thought of the way that it could've ended. In my opinion  the ending is the best sci-fi ending ever .All in all without spoiling anything it is one of the best shows of all time and the best sci-fi show ever made.
Thank you to the whole cast and crew and Netflix for bringing together this magnificent mindbending experience.
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