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I honestly don't understand how so many people are rating this show badly! I get that it may not live up to expectations due to The Office being such a godly show, but this show has many, many great things about it. First off, the cast is amazing. Steve Carrel's role as Mark Naird is done very well. We may not love it as much as the iconic Michael Scott, but Carell portrays his character very well. Mark has a lot of depth and is a funny and loveable character. He also has many things which can make you annoyed and pissed at the character, but somehow it just helps you love him more! Just like with Michael. John Malkovich is also another example of a great actor doing a great role. Dr. Adrian Mallory is a very funny, yet wholesome character, and his arguments with Mark make the show so fun to watch. It's funny to watch him trying to clean up Mark's messes. Not just that, but in most shows, Lgbtq+ characters are mostly defined by their genders or sexualities, but for Dr. Adrian Mallory his personality isn't molded by his sexuality, but it helps add more depth to it.

There are many other great characters, and I feel that all of them have a lot of depth and great characteristics that help the show feel more wholesome and full. With The Office, the show started off with a very rocky start. It was about to be canceled, but years later it became a very loveable, wholesome, funny, and famous show. I believe Space Force can do that too. The show has an amazing cast with great characters, and its jokes are mostly spot-on. This is one thing a lot of people would disagree with, but watching it, I felt like all the jokes helped the show feel playful yet subtle. In The Office, the jokes were meant to be the main part of the show, and they made that clear. In this show, if they had outright hilarious jokes like in The Office, yes it would be a comedy, but it wouldn't be that realistic for a starting up military branch. That type of comedy works for a relatively un-supervised office, but it wouldn't work with an upcoming military branch with POTUS and many congressional people on their backs. Some jokes aren't very funny, but that is for all shows. The jokes in Space Force are funny but subtle, which helps it feel lighthearted yet like it could be real. 

The relationships in the show are another really nice thing that helps it have a very wholesome and lighthearted feel. The relationships don't build the storyline, and they aren't one of the main parts of the show like in The Office, but each of them is funny and wholesome to watch. I'm rooting for every single one! In most shows relationships are pushed too hard, to try to fill in gaps for other things, and they take away from the main story. In Space Force, they are nice little side parts to the story and help enhance the story helping balance from the stubborn feel of a military base. Not only romantic relationships, but personal relationships are also fun to watch.

Overall I would say that Space Force is a really good show with a lot of potentials. Yes, it doesn't live up to The Office... Yet! It is a new show, and yes it has a great cast which could have done a bit better, but just give it a chance! It has a lot of good things about it, and the main reason you guys are saying its bad is that you guys are saying it doesn't live up to The Office (Which even for me is my favorite show). Just know that they are both different shows with different characters! Then you will see.
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