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SCOOB! (2020) Full Movie [English-DD5.1] 720p HDRip ESubs

Kids familiar with Scooby Doo will adore it. Adults who watched the original  Scooby Doo and other 1970's Hanna Barbara cartoons will love it. Great story about friendship, as expected for kids, good guys win, and TONS of Easter Eggs for adults who were kids in the 70's. Even the closing credits have a lot of unrelated Hanna Barbara character references like Jabba Jaws and Johnny Quest.

It's a safe family movie:
The phrase "All hell breaks loose" is said in reference to the gates of Hell being opened in historical/mythical context (which is relevant to this story) and that's about it as far as language. The fart jokes and stoner references of the last few live action movies are removed. This movie goes back to the original 1969/1970 source material for kid-friendly entertainment. Casually spooky ideas that don't scare and hold kid's interest with an underlying theme of loyal friendship in this as Scooby Doo has always been. It's visually appealing for kids and adults. Not a cartoony charicature of the caroon, but the original cartoon with a slightly more realistic look while still retaining the stretch-and-pull cell animation technique. Visually well balanced.

Nostalgic Joy for Adults:
Frank Welker (the original Fred) returns as Scooby Doo's voice. A few other voice actors are recognizable, but mostly by name in the credits. The first 15 minutes contain a lot of references to keep adults tuning in, from a period specific arcade machine to the notable location of "Messick  Mountain", ( tribute to Don Messick, the original voice of Scooby Doo). Keep your eyes open as 50 year olds and it all comes rushing back.

Particularly satisfying is the use of the original cartoon's sound effects at points. Adults will instantly recognize the slipping, sliding, surprise, boinks and bonks and slips and fall and bumps and bang sound effects from the original cartoon.
Most of these throw backs and Easter Eggs come in the first 20 minutes to get you hooked, and they're worth it for the whole movie.

In a decade of lazy reboots and sub-standard CGI money grabs, "Scoob!" is the refreshing real deal. Let's hope this leads to more Scooby Doo movies made by this same cast and crew.
They nailed it.
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