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From where to start i dont know.. but i will try to give u ppl as much clarity i can.
1. Story - The story was ok but with too many loopholes. They tried to show a psycho-motive to the killings. But the execution was very very very bad, especially the last 15min was really unnecessary. The joke was really not funny (those who watched will understand) 🙄🙄🙄. I mean who talks like that while being held by a serial killer. That time could have been utilized in the start to create a sense of fear in the audience for a serial killer in the movie. If there will be nothing thrilling in a thriller movie as they call it 😂😂😂, how will the audience connect to it.
The location: Nainital itself is such a beautiful place and I really did not get it why to do so much of editing in the colors and other stuff. The hospital/ nursing home whatever it was, with not a single patient and staff. Does not justify to the content. There was no other policeman in the entire serial killer movie other than the ex boyfriend. No wonder they couldn't get any evidence in the first place. 😂😂😂 After knowing the actual serial killer he was left alone in the hospital with no policeman or security. 

1. Casting - Hats off to Manoj Bajpai.. he is a legend we all know it. In this, it was just a glimpse of what he is capable of. I watched it because of him. He was great. Jacqueline: She really needs to work on her expression nd acting. Looking sexy nd hot always will not fill in the gaps of her poor acting skills. The kidnapped girl: frankly speaking I found her acting way more better than Jacqueline. 

I really wish there is no 2nd part to it as the their so called serial killer escaped.. thanks to the police. 😄😄😄. But seriously we have seen a lot more better content and direction. We expect more from hindi entertainment world on this digital platform.
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