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 Zombie movies or series are one among the genre which is highly left untapped by Indian market probably because it is hard to get it right and in the midst of that makers have tried to tap that market.
A story of village in which a tunnel is believed to be haunted. This tunnel comes as hindrance between a highway is planned to be created and a special squad is called to evacuate the villagers who stand against to open this tunnel. The squad has 24 hours in hand before CM arrives to inaugurate this new development. But everything goes haywire when tunnel gets opened and squad is attacked by zombie like creatures. The rest of the story is about survival and stop these zombies before they destroy mankind at large.

The story with pinch of corruption, patriotism, naxals etc has been added to give depth to the main theme. A world created by makers though has some liberality taken doesn't discount the fact that something new is offered and to a great extent sticking to the genre. The climax though is cliche it surely glue yourself to the screen.

The bloodshed and violence has been rightly picturised makes you cringe and at the same time feel intrigued. The scare jumps and horror is brilliant to say the least. Every actor has given equal importance and to name few Vineet Kumar, Ahaana Kumra, Suchitra, Manjiri etc have dome their part well as demanded by the script.

The local dialect added to make it suit the climate of series works in its favour. Also, the background score is equally good. I don't have much complaints with it and spending just 3 hours for this riveting drama won't harm you in anyway. It isn't always necessary to compare Indian product with foreign items and thus enjoy this new ride. #pranureviews
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