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The Willoughbys (2020) Hindi 720p & 480p Web-DL | Dual Audio [Hindi 5.1 DD + English]

"Unfortunately the Willoughby parents remained thoroughly, incredibly, and utterly selfish"- Cat
One of the best animated movies recently.
Loved the animation.🤟🏻it's a dark n spiteful story but the animation is so lively,, gorgeous characters,,,full of colors
The story is about a dysfunctional family where the parents are so selfish n self consumed that they don't even remember their kids!!! There are so many heartbreaking moments in the story but the one where Tim gets a chocolate and he keeps it safely in his hat is damn heart aching. Ignored by their parents, all the kids grew up to be so resourceful n responsible n looking out for each other is heart melting. They even consider being orphan is better than living with their FATHER n MOTHER.
I felt a bit of Marry Poppin,A series of unfortunate events n Charlie and the chocolate factory in there.
Nanny is great..comes to their rescue everytime ❣️
I think maybe the climax was a dream b'coz it was so cold and nobody can survive that long. I think dying there freed them from all the miseries of life and uniting them or maybe a miracle...a miracle due to their strong desire to be together n to be loved to have a happy ever after family. It was beautiful
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