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Money Heist Season 4 full-SD MOVIES PONIT

The plot is captivating, the actors are beyond talented, so the overall impression is positive and worth seeing. 
Nevertheless, there are some serious mistakes in the script and in the Spanish subtitles.

First off, how come that they subtitles say that Oslo and Stockholm speak in Russian if they are Serbian. Those those languages, although they belong to the same group (Slavonic), are NOT mutually intelligible when spoken. And then, what’s more surprising, how come that Berlin and Professor speak to them in Serbian every once in a while? Like, among their other talents they have learned Serbian as foreign language? Seriously? The subtitles though say that they were speaking in Russian. Well, in a Russian that never existed before. Shouldn’t it be more honest to sub that Oslo and Stockholm were just speaking in gibberish?

The same goes for Professor speaking in Russian to a Russian scrapyard keeper. The Russian he was speaking was so Not Understandable that any Russian speaker would only raise an eyebrow in surprise, like what the hell of self-invented language are you trying to reproduce, and definitely would not start undoing the photo robot, because, as I say, the lingo Professor was speaking was totally Not Understandable.

Third off, Monica’s resurrection in the toilet of the mint house. Like, it is supposed that she was in the loo doing the number two (and she is the one who is hiding from everyone in order to save herself and her baby) and she didn’t hear the gathering of Denver, Berlin, Nairobi when they were ranting in the corridor? Seriously? And at the same time, everyone of the above mentioned has heard the flush in the loo so that Berlin started opening the doors one by one? That’s an interesting acoustic unsymmetry! And after having flushed,
Monica is still there, on the toilet with her panties off inquiring if it is Denver on the other side of the door. Doesn’t make much sense to me..
                                                         FULL SHOW COMING SOON
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