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When the matter is the mainstream Bollywood, N * DITY can continue the number for a while. However, when women are more important to seem to be more efficient scenes, most people are opening. It's like this for several decades. Is not it amazing? The first kiss in Bollywood, we just remember the actress, not actor? Mirzapur-based Anangsha Biswas's famous actress, Minezah Baswis expressed his concern about the injustice and said how badly the viewer is being increased.

Mirzapur actress challenged about women's presentation society by women's bold scenes!

Anangsha Biswas news for his bold scenes in Mirzapur and now after her short film "goods' a refugee" after the great reaction, she also shared her ideas about it. "It is very important to remember that when we try to demonstrate the change in our culture, our terms about the women's front and making bars are still representing our present mindset. The women are blamed for insult" indication of culture ", and therefore, the picture is a protected and loyalty of the right Indian.

she also added that she does not take care of the scholars and villages seriously, but gender prejudice is a thing in which she wants to bring positive change.

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