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If John Wick 1 and 2 were entertaining, this one is much, much, much bigger and better in both scale and execution of the action. My one issue with the previous film was that some action scenes had got quite blurry to follow. However, this film improves both on the action and the cinematography, while also not losing the grip on the story that is perfect enough to connect the set-pieces.

Right from the first scene to the very last, JW 3 had me amazed. This time some light, natural humor was also added, making it different than the first two movies. Also, every single action sequence is super-impressive, mind-blowing, outstanding, crowd-pleasing, heart-pounding, eye-popping... there's no shortage of adjectives to describe the brilliance of the action. I mean this is seriously a next-level action flick that's also filled with gorgeous visuals.

Keanu Reeves is just impressive. He Is John Wick. Period.

If you miss the days of American action classics where one hero used take on everyone by himself and saved the day (including Keanu's own film Speed), you would be happy to realize this film pays a perfect tribute to those classics, such as Die Hard. And if you call yourself an action buff but haven't seen or planned to see JOHN WICK 3, you're lying. Go, watch it ASAP!

I can call it the best R-rated action film of the year. The IMAX experience was pretty much worth it, although the standard screen experience won't feel too different either, to be honest. The film here has been censored so we did miss some of the brutal action, and what's worse is that viewers could feel what got cut and I could hear them making kinda disappointed voices. But even after that, this is a perfect action masterpiece that's going to be remembered for ages to come. This is the closest an American action film can get to Indonesian action classics The Raid 1&2.

10/10, a sparkling masterpiece!
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