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The summary on Google is inaccurate.   Ip Man travels alone to America hoping to get his son admission to a private school. The son is rebellious  and stays in Hong Kong with family friend.

Ip Man does his best to help the local Chinese-Americans fight against prejudice and racism.  

Normally, Ip Man is about the fight choreography and some mythical liberties are taken for historical accuracy. No doubt the real Ip Man has had a remarkable legacy and laid foundation for the next generation. 

As I watched IPM4 , i found myself emphasizing with the flight of the Chinese in the America during the late 1800s, early 1900s to today.  I enjoyed the juxtaposition of Ip Man's son in Hong Kong with the journey of CBA President's daughter in America.  Ip Man is able to understand both his son's issues and the Chinese immigrants after sharing then troubles that Yonah deals with while she is in school as a foreigner.. 
Also, as Chinese Americans, we can relate to the harassment that occurred in the movie.  Its not as prevalent today as then, but these events still occur today to some degree.  Even with the late 60s setting, it underscores themes we still experience today as immigrants. 

The fight scenes were done well,  but the story speaks more on family and the relationships of the Ip man saga.  It ended well and it does help to connect audience of Bruce Lee's relationship with his master Ip Man.  They didn't overdo it , and the restraint helped allow the movie to not go off in possible distractions. 

The plot was much better than i expected . it is a movie that you can bring your parents (or females) with to watch and it's not just another action movie type. 

                                                                             FULL MOVIE COMING SOON

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