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Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey full movie in hindi- SD MOVIES PONT

Super fun movie! Very violent (not for kiddies, sorry) but it was fun! Jokes were hilarious, some were in your face, others were subtle and easy to miss, very well done with showcasing Harley's trauma from her past in a subtle inobvious manner throughout the movie. It was nice seeing what shes been through peeking through her loud persona here and there, in ways that werent actually showcased for the scenes too. 
In that way, it's very sad given the life shes had and how she downplays it despite it very very clearly affecting her. 

It isnt a sad movie though, it's very upbeat and action-packed, the action is incredible, very well choreographed, and great to watch. Ends on a great note, too. Loved the stunts! 
Harley's subtle visible character growth gives me hope for a sequel. Theres a lot of subtlety in the movie actually, which surprised me. Little things you almost miss because something else is the focus. Which is extra fun looking back on because one of the characters straight up says that in regards to something else. (Trying not to spoiler)
I wanted to see this movie for a few reasons, but this blew my expectations of it out of the water. I didnt expect it to be this good. I loved all the main characters and what was done with them, their pasts and how it links them together. Incredible acting on everyone's part as well. Very well done. 

I really enjoyed it. It's a fun movie with a lot of violence and really fun characters! Theres both real violence and cartoony/unrealistic violence which is incredibly fun in a movie starring a character originally created for an animated show, such a good nod to her origins!  You really dont know which way something will swing when theres both so theres humor in that thatll catch you off guard as well. 

I think fun is a great way to describe this movie tbh. I cant wait to see the next one!! Definitely want to see this one a second time for sure!
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