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"Hacked", directed by Vikram Bhatt who tries to highlight the flip side of the technology.

The two main characters are very well drawn out and are likable. Hina, as Sam (Sameera) the main character comes out as a strong, brilliant and capable persona.

Rohan Shah, as Vicky is a college dropout and becomes a hacker. He is portrayed as intelligent but driven by emotion. Rohan Shah is an enjoyably weird and bombastic kid with no particular aim in life.  He seems to be enjoying his role  as a condescending Vicky,  leaving a strong imprint on the film.

Sid Makkar as Om Kapoor does a decent job as a successful actor and lover, who has an extra marital affair with Sameera.
Mohit Malhotra, as Rohan is just perfect.

The plot itself is well structured and moves along in a seamless manner. However, the initial story is weighed down by flashback scenes yet, it didn't interrupt the flow of the main plot. The songs are so- so and real spoilers. I'm against songs in a thriller movie. The plot wastes no time in setting up the nature of its characters and their motives.

I'm absolutely floored with some of the negative comments that I was reading the reviews. I didn't feel like this thriller the movie was even supposed to be a domestic thriller, instead, I  found it to be a character study domestic drama and a snapshot of the psychopath.

                                                             Full movie coming soon

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