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I saw this movie tonight with a friend. He and I had never seen or heard of the original, and both really enjoyed it! As we talked about it in the car, we came to understand more and more of the plot details, and realized that all the characters, in the end, got either what they wanted, or what they needed. I cannot stress this enough -- this wasn't a "be careful what you wish for" story, in my eyes, but rather, a "what you wish for will reveal what you didn't even know you needed." 

For example (SPOILERS AHEAD), Brax and JD got independence from one another -- what JD wanted and needed, and what Brax suspected he needed; Gwen realized her true regrets and became a more selfless person in the process; Patrick was able to overcome the loss of his father; came to see him as a hero, and himself became a hero; Sloane confronted both her past misdeeds and the ugliest part of herself; and Melanie, in death, was reunited with her love, and was able to be with him in a world where he was free of pain and suffering. Even Mr. Roarke got what he wanted, the island and freedom from reliving his wife's passing over and over. 

When my friend I were done talking about this, we had a definitively higher opinion of the movie! If you're willing to think through the details, I think this movie was enjoyably psychological. Was it a great movie? No, but certainly very enjoyable in my opinion.
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