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Extraction 2020 Hindi Dual Audio 1080p NF HDRip ESubs

I had been waiting for this day since long. With cinemas locked down due to the global pandemic, I had stopped waiting to watch any new movies. What caught my attention was the trailer of Extraction, that finally gave me hope to wait for a big action blockbuster. And having watched it on Netflix just minutes ago, I can assure you that it's the best action movie of the year till now. The film lived up to the hype and left me satisfied as the credits rolled.

Extraction's USP is the action it offers: beautifully shot, neatly choreographed and well-edited too. Those fed up of quick cuts in recent action movies would be pleasantly surprised to find long takes in this film (in this case, a prolonged single-shot action sequence!) instead of fast cutting. The color tone is rich and suits the film's own tone. There are a couple of dramatic breaks between the action that make the viewers root for the characters.

Chris Hemsworth delivers an impressive performance that gels with his character, while Rudraksh Jaiswal also presents us with a neat act. It's finally very satisfying to see Randeep Hooda doing a character like this. Make no mistake, he's done a couple of action films before but never did he play a tough character like this: one that allows him to both throw a punch and emote whenever needed.

Extraction is also surprisingly realistic in terms of how it doesn't want to turn heroes into indestructible characters. When they get hit, they bleed. When they are injured, they feel pain. And given how all of this is done masterfully during its video-game style action, Extraction fulfills the action genre to its fullest. Again, since there's no way one's gonna step out and pay to buy tickets and popcorn to a movie at this moment, it's better to stay home, grab some snacks and prepare yourself for a thrill-a-minute, no-nonsense action ride called Extraction. Action aficionados are definitely in for a massive treat.
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