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Movie Review:

I am by no means a professional critic.

That being said I did enjoy this movie. I think trick is in the intention. I went to this movie as one that would have flashy action, delicious gore and sharp fight sequences. I got all those things and a somewhat respect ode to a comic I only just became interested in. 

It touches on a lot of the revenge story tropes and my main complaint wasn't even that. 

The bad?

I found fault in the editing, lot of cuts in the fight scenes take away from the authenticity of the sequence. There were parts where the edit occurred too quickly and slightly impacted the flow of the movie.The dynamic with KT was a little all over the place, I couldn't decide if she was the new love interest or not.

What I did like?

The CGI was pretty impressive especially in the details while he rebuilds his body, seeing each fiber come back together, or watching the metal disintegrate on an explosive device. The fight sequences were pretty good, and some smooth transitions from CGI to practical. The twists were pretty well done, I will not spoil the movie for anyone though. The movie had well-placed humor, it took itself lightly in exactly the right places. This helped with the Character named Wigans, his sequences were pretty funny and he walked over the role of being awkward. Guy Pearce once again plays a comic-book villain, erring more on the side of nerd than cool he still delivers a believable intelligence to his character.


I wanted to give this a 5, but genuinely couldn't. Edits make a movie 9/10 times and this ones cuts just ruined certain parts that should have had me going "Oh! did you see that!?" Give Bloodshot a shot, if you like action, you'll be in the right theate.
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