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Bhoot Part One: The Haunted Ship full movie- SD MOVIES POINT

Movie Review:

Terrific 1st half, Slightly Dragged 2nd Half Overall a One Time Watch 2.5 Star ⭐⭐.5
Firstly there is no anticipation reserved for Part 2 ,to start off the movie stands out for its making,natural transition ,Great camera work, background score and overall concept thats not typical stereotype like the usual bollywood horror flicks . What fails for the movie is a weak screenplay specially in the 2nd half which drags with slow pace and very less scare or horror sequences , more concentration goes on Drama , the film picks up towards the end and ends in a newer way than we usually see in bollywood films,even the actors have done a great job . For the Bollywood standards this is a differnt kind of horror film which can be watched once in the cinemas.


>A naturally flowing story line that is simplistic >Camera Work and Background Score is commendable >Actors specially Vicky Kaushal drives the film with his amazing performance >Climax sequence is well presented unlike the typicl films in bollywood >Grapics and transitions are upto the mark and sync up well during horror sequences


>Drama is more concentrated in the 2nd half more than the horror part which derails the film to an extent >The pace of the movie is quite slow which could be an problem for audience to be glued to this film with intrest >The movie titled Bhoot The haunted Ship part 1 has no anticpation towards the end for Part 2 >The Screenplay could have been far better FINAL VERDICT With all the flaws and shortcomings the film still manages to be decently stand out in horror genre atleast for the bollywood scale , the effort needs to be appreciated . Its a one time watch
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