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Angrezi MEDIUM

Humour, Emotion & Entertainment everything comes out so Natural 4 star ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Dedicated to all the sacrificing & wonderful fathers, A hilarious film backed by actors who have impeccable comic time to make you naturally go on LOL mode. 
The story about father Daughter just touches you deep inside and also teaches you some beautiful things, they're a lot of naturally entertaining moments all throughout the runtime, dialogues are spot-on witty and fun, emotion goes to the core and touches you.
 This film is a combo of beautiful father-daughter story, emotion, and entertainment to its best. There are a few flaws especially the last 20 mins go a bit hodgepodge and in a hurry still, the film stands out and you will love watching it. IRFAN KHAN & DEEPAK DOBRIYAL are a gem of actors, they were amazingly hilarious in the combo. Go for it only in the cinemas, its a paisa wasool film


>Irfan khans the comeback is just rocking and he has delivered hilarious performance alongside the super fun actor Deepak Dobriyal, their combo is full-on entertaining
>The Story is a beautiful and emotionally touching tale of father-daughter that just keeps you connected to the core of emotion
>The dialogues are spot on and so amazingly written to generate quick laughs
>The music is simple, sweet and syncs well with the film at every point
>Every emotion in the film seems genuine and natural
>Pankaj Tripathi's cameo was fun and entertaining
>The Complete the ensemble cast has done a brilliant job starting from Ranvir Shorey, Dimple Kapadia, Kareena Kapoor Khan & Kiku Shraddha.


>At few points the writing could have been better as it lacked some logic at points as things were happening just like that
>The last 20 mins was a bit hodgepodge and missed the track slightly going off the track from script and end wasn't that impactful


Overlooking the flaws slightly here and there the film is full to the entertainer and deserves to be watched in the cinemas

                                                            Full movie comingsoon
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