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Maska's Review: The latest movie of Net Flix is here to keep you happy in these difficult times

Romi's dream of a teenager Parsi boy and his high school, Mr. Ferozsha Bagh, Romi, dreams of Bollywood, when his friend told him that he could be an actor. Asking for the devil of Iran, he said that the idea of being a Bollywood actor, he has been able to leave his house in Colaba and went to a flat in the Aram city of the darkness with his girlfriend. All this, her mother is very oppressed because he wants him would continue to inherit his family's inheritance by the famous Habiba's famous convergence.

The track between Romi and Persia is also written. Although the screen is extremely expected, you have to enjoy some of the details and goats about why to enjoy and know the drama, "Why is happening, what's happening".

However, I did not like the writers who have presented unnecessary drama. For example, Roman was cheating his mother when it was not necessary. Whatever the message the author wanted to give, he could give it if the cheapest selling the cafe, Romi requested only the help of his mother. I do not know what cheating has presented this special purpose in the story. It was just strange and did not make you relevant to the hero. Also, I was not about to be the behavior of the Roman parent, about which he had 'comfortable * X'. It was unusual than comfortable. It is like they do not care. There are some good conversations in the movie, I do not know why authors can not think of better words in such situations. Rommy and Persia's hookup point is also written completely.

Manisha is going to win the heart in this movie. I do not know whether the makers have got its stereo-style patience or not, but they are looking sweet like Parisha's mother. Its status, hand indicators, and expressions are perfectly synced and it is such a thing to look at the screen.
At times, when we all see, there is annoying news on social media, the movie like astonishes. By avoiding some problems, you must definitely see it because you will be happy. And they could not understand the extent of the discrimpal al-'Arda and the Pedika Padokon star Kristen and generally understand the meaning of dreams. It's for you.

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