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Bloodshot movie review and songs: First of all thanks for landing on this page. If you here then, you might be looking for a Bloodshot movie review or you want the list of the songs of the movie. So, without wasting any time let's get started.

Bloodshot Movie Review :
Bloodshot just didn't feel connected. The movie seemed to jump from scene to scene and introduce character after character with no regard for the story. The action looks okay, passable for modern CGI, but it feels so generic and reminds me of movies like Taken 3, etc. Tack on a generic chase scene in Italy, motorcycle and everything.

The pacing in this movie is terrible, jumping from Macedonia to Italy, to another place in Italy, to a lab, back to Italy, etc. It went from talking to action and back and forth with no regard for plot or development. Think of the typical movie, with exposition, rising action, etc., and this movie does none of it. There's a resolution and action scenes.
A further embarrassment is female representation in this movie. I'm not saying this movie had to have any strong female characters or leads, but this one tried and failed. The only reason his wife existed was to get "killed" and turn him into a soldier and later was found alive and to have moved on (also this scene immediately and jarringly cuts to an action scene).

The female lead has some boring character development no thanks to Vin Diesel's very emotional acting. She is only really there to be hot, look cool in some scenes and complement Vin Diesel's character. There was surprisingly not a forced romance, though it seemed hinted (There was odd scene near the "dead wife" scene where the female lead is swimming in a pool, and they get the typical Hollywood shots of her in her swimsuit.

The male hacker dude is just there as comedic relief, guards are there just to be stupid cannon fodder. The wife-killers are killed in 5 minutes, and the main baddie is killed in a very the generic scene where you think Vin Diesel's going to die, but he pulls out a grenade and kills himself and the main bad guy, but nope, hacker dude resurrects Vin Diesel, making the sacrifice seem meaningless (as if it had any meaning anyway).
All humor in this movie just bounces off Vin Diesel. It's like people are making jokes to the audience, not to each other. Hacker dude is the best character in this movie, only because he's a little funny.

Overall, I would not go to see this again, I regret seeing it the first time. I had low expectations and was still disappointed at how boring and bad it felt

Bloodshot Movie Rating
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