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Baaghi 3 movie review and songs: First of all thanks for landing on this page. If you here then, you might be looking for a Baaghi 3 movie review or you want the list of the songs of the movie. So, without wasting any time let's get started.

Baaghi 3 movie review and songs

Baaghi Movie Review

Bhaagi 3 the action-packed tiger shroff franchise the third installment is an official remake of the 2012  Tamil  film Arya  is starring Madvan and Marvin the film is just like the original it's about two brothers one a rowdy unemployed rogue and the other and I even protected one the rogue Ronnie played by Tiger Shroff always comes to the rescue of Vikram prepare a tasty schmuck and after the death of their father and upon several requests of the unemployed sibling.

 The scared one joins the police force the same force that their father served in we notice that the newly enlisted cop is celebrated in the public eye but it is mainly due to the aid provided by the gada who always comes to the rescue of the often scared and docile brother so how do you adopt the same the concept on a huge scale sends the docile brother four people to work to Syria get kidnapped and well let's make it a one-man versus an entire Syrian row group that has all the ammunition and arms that may be any capable army in the world possesses a landscape

 where there is an ongoing civil war considered to be one of the deadliest in the 21st century in real life but Tiger Shroff shirtless will come to save the day yes that's the premise and the pitch of the film and here's me telling you the good and bad aspects of the film so that you guys can ultimately decide whether the movie is worth it or not

The good action and screenplay see it's crystal clear in my mind as I saw this film that if it gets certain technical aspects right and the protagonist has a clear the vision of how he wants to be seen in the eyes of the masses than in the Indian market it will do exponential business even though the action in the film takes a bizarre over-the-top turn in its second half
 it is undeniable that it serves its purpose and when you have to choreograph action sequences with an actor like tiger it leads to the design of the most intricate sequences that look grind and serve its purpose.

 I have to also commend the creators on the development of the storyline especially with its screenplay the choice of developing the relationship the lawless nature of humans and the system over a period of time develops genuine interest so even though all the features of the film serve a purpose that is so that audiences cheer uncontrollably it caters and delivers exactly that also this movie made a clear to me that Tiger Shroff is not pretending to be anything different than what his movies are intended to be seen Tiger knows there's no point in featuring in a movie that exposes his frailties as an actor.

The goal of the individual is to become the biggest action hero of Hindi cinema and with a film like a bogey and the future also containing only action films for Shroff the man will do the stunts have the killer one-liner dialogues and people will come storming in the theater and honestly, I have seen nothing wrong with those moments there are several moments in the film that shines and honestly had a lasting impact in being convincing despite its larger-than-life pitch some of which includes a moment of confusion as both tiger and star, the siblings are getting hitched together an angle of an honorable cop wanting vengeance and even a hilarious sequence of British being handed responsibilities as an officer so the movie like any commercial movie shines definitely in moments the underwhelming aspects the music just like the film is a remake of a successful Tamil film there hasn't been much inventiveness when it comes to the music other than its background score the movie and its soundtrack are clear.

 example of the recycled content of the Hindi the film industry that is getting produced on a consistent basis does bhajan to point overtaken from the movie thus I would have never imagined I would have preferred Abhishek Bachchan and Zayed Khan over Tiger Shroff bunkers taken from the 1984 Jeetendra and Sridevi film so far and the most shocking of the album was the remake of Troy boys very popular song do you something the original the artist saw and called out the record label for blatantly ripping off his song I strive for the day where we get over this phase and just get the audible treat of original music the dialogues the biggest issue of the film hands down was it's writing especially with respect to the dialogues I couldn't help but cringe at the several dialogues in the film.

 and I mean I understand that the concept of the commercial movie is cheesy and larger-than-life but a lot of it was unbearable Shraddha is constantly almost about to swear throughout the film from dialogues like Bob say beep to BPO and his macho neato it only gets tiring and very repetitive release the Schmucks character is written as if he keeps on messing up analogies and at one moment he says Mara Lima took Nazzaro Mahtob so chale Mahmood Nazzaro the worst of the lot includes Vijay Burma's character that tells tiger and shraddha in war-torn Syria for me Instagram here tick-tock Banane yaha so yes the dialogues can definitely make you squirm in several moments

 throughout the film, the logical side see when it comes to what did not work in the film you can't help yourself but pointed out is when the second half kicks in your logical and pragmatic Minds tune in if you remember boggy to it provided for a compelling development of the story until Ronny appears at the base of Manoj Bajpai his character and then no bullet can even touch the actor even though he is surrounded by thousands of militia choppers and tanks similarly, bog III also transitions into the same one man versus a row group that honestly requires some form of shooting practice because they miss the man who take certain decisions which from a combat point of view make no sense

 He stands for like five minutes in front of three choppers and nothing happens until he runs he literally jumps and catches one of them in midair jumps with great precision by the way as everything blows up around him he starts jumping and landing like a superhero he starts transitioning into Wonder Woman sequences with the shield as his legs are exposed tanks appear but follow him rather than shoot at him surround him rather than attack him and then the realization that Ronnie is actually an embodiment of Jaya Bachchan from k3g she sensed people's presence but he hears his name and appears out of nowhere these moments will definitely make you hysterically laugh.

 I just want to conclude by saying the surprising aspect of the film is that I was thoroughly entertained in the first half and how the characters were fleshed out I made a conscious choice of not watching the Tamil film beta as it often leads to a predictable viewing experience but it's undeniable the first half represents what carefree commercial Hindi cinema is known for funny sequences the development of a romance and Rani always come in to save the day see the craziest aspect of the film is that it's not trying to be smarter than it is the creators are extremely self-aware that they are presenting an over-the-top commercial action film with moments and I intended to get hooting and cheering in theaters so eight-year-olds will fight like MMA trained fighters.

Tiger Shroff will beat hundreds with these and Tiger will deliver cringy one-line dialogues as a side in the theatre and consecutively hurt here too celebrating each kick in the blow of funny dialogue I realized no matter how hard I fight it how intellectual I try to be this form of Hindi the cinema will never get old to see your favorite hero since no motion against all the odds the suspension of reality becomes something the masses look forward to when they step into the theater for a film like

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 Movie songs:
  • Dus Bahane 2.0
  • Bhanks
  • Do You love me?

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