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Angrezi Medium movie review and songs: First of all thanks for landing on this page. If you here then, you might be looking for a Angrezi Medium movie review or you want the list of the songs of movie. So, without wasting any time let's get started.

Angrezi Medium movie review and songs

Kaamyaab Movie Review :
In one line,Angrezi Medium is a nice, cute, a decent movie that had the potential to be so much more!
It's able to portray the message it wants to but somewhere it lacks depth & effectiveness in the way it tries to achieve this goal.

Homi Adajania has a history of giving some drab scenes in the movie he directs, where you,as an audience,lose connection with the film as a whole. He did this in Cocktail and a lot more in Finding Fanny.
And he repeats the same here, especially during the first 30-45 mins or so where certain unnecessary humor is somehow forcefully thrown at you which ends up being sort of lame. The entire first half is just about average with only 20-25 mins of genuine emotional screenplay time where you actually get the feels of the father-daughter relationship.
The second half is still well-directed, the comedy on point and makes you feel for the characters & their lives and certainly brings out the correct tone of the whole thought-process of the movie, enlightening the purity of the special bond that we,as children,share with our parents. The final few minutes are simply gold & will leave you a bit teary-eyed.

But overall, the direction should have been much better. This is where the film fails to soar to new heights,it's not tightly knit-up and does end up being a bit here & there,although the story-writer is also to be blamed here to some extent.

But what really stands out here are the performances ! 💛
The terrific trio of Irrfan Khan,Radhika Madan and Deepak Dobriyal are beyond exceptional! 👏

Irrfan returns with a bang, he is just too good in almost every frame,such fantastic dialogue delivery, just Wow ! You really don't get such talented actors too often ! My heart goes out to him ! 💖

And he is complimented in the best way possible by Radhika. She has definitely proven a point here with her acting skills, the way she expressed, her accent, her crying, her subtle change in voice tone, she really has stood up to the occasion and given a wonderful performance ! Way to go girl! 👍

And Deepak is hilarious as usual. He is doing what he does best and there is simply no one in the business like him. Such ease in everything he does,super smooth yet worthy of your laughter, he is supremely gifted. Keep it up, man! 😄

All these 3 supported by a small yet good supporting cast are the main reason for watching this movie. Kareena Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia are really good in their respective small roles. Solid performances that really uplift a movie ! 💛
And would like to mention the extremely small yet super funny cameo of Pankaj Tripathi. Another great actor!

All in all, the movie is really sweet, enjoyable and does succeed in its message deliverance but it beats around the bush too much and keeps on losing it's track pretty often. It is definitely packed by outstanding performances by the whole cast and some pretty good comedy but all that definitely isn't enough to hold on to a somewhat meandering the script, with a plot which seems too contrived and out of place at times, that too, held together by just above-average direction.

It ultimately ends up being just a feel-good, heart-warming, sweet movie with a nice message, along with some genuine laughter moments.😊
Wish it was more impactful & strong in the portrayal of its lovely theme on parenthood.

Rating - 3.5/5 (watch it for the brilliant performances)

Angrezi Medium Movie Rating
 Movie songs:
Ek Zindagi
Nachan Nu Jee Karda
Kudi Nu Nachne De
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