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Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey movie review and songs: First of all thanks for landing on this page. If you here then, you might be looking for a  movie review or you want the list of the songs of the movie. So, without wasting any time let's get started.

Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey movie review and songs

Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey movie review
Everybody has got their own kind of Gotham

...I shaved my balls for this...

A film within a film.
Put these 3 blurbs together:
1) Its a cornucopia of  In and out, flashback backstory,
mosaic, multiplex, styles, Noire, dichotomy, sleepovers, gangsta'lairs, nightclubs, Chinese takeout,
Lip gloss, Confetti, and shanks
Dressed up to kill, funhouse,
This is my world

2) two types of people: they work collect pay bills, one is criminal one is not.
Black, trite, and petty Comedy with exorbitant extreme over the top behavior as they torture each other in those classifications.
Police pecking order smack down the rookies;
Perps play the same politics.

This Gotham is a birdcage of subversive and perverted petty tyrants with no apologies.
Everyone is out for themself.

Gotham in a nutshell is :
Cutesie cooky cartoony sloppy bullying crass adolescent
Campy mill-doll Caricature of over the self-absorbed narcissist.
Pathologically driven with Shutspa.
3) A blend update of the old Batman tv serial animated blubs to Emphasizing
Dark psychotic sadistic violence humiliation
--Gleefully and matter-of-factly mistreat everyone and every thought is acted on without a screen while looking for more people to mistreat.

When you present these themes together, you get this film.
It is not a hodgepodge.
Its a smorgasbord!
This Schick is going sideways!

The Cinematography is upbeat street smart with natural lights. No leaning on fabricated artificial light to set the tone.
This is character-driven.
What people do to attain their objectives is the interest.

Lofty Music is an afterthought of haunting cotton candy soft rock covers of hard rock.  Like hanging blue moon wisteria sultrily lilting out "I was born in the USA".

The flock:
Margot Bobbie is all  glockenspiel clown no excuses exuberance just
Like a Thanksgiving dinner and silver table setting: turkey with dressing, cranberry sauce, crystal chandelier, marshmallow sweet potatoes and stuffing.
What you see is what you get.

T-crossing I-dotting Rosie Perez clock in clock out pummels.
Demi-tasse Ewan McGregor sinister cynic low self-esteem deal maker.
Mary Elizabeth scorched earth phoenix.
Jurnee Smollet-Bell the empathizing linear gymnast.
Ella Jay Basco fickle tricky stickiness.
Smarmy Chris Messina licks his lips contemplating your suffering.
Strong Black and white portrayals that give punch and oomph.

Director Cathy Yan fleshes out a complex festival of themes mood events like shaking out bed linen and remaking a bed. It's like going through a woman's handbag, lots of knick-knacks but nothing is a waste. And each item has a story.

Screenplay by Christine Hodson
keeps everything moving like a run-on sentence. The chirping dialogue moves and propels the story, the scenes and action likewise do the same.

There are so many action scenes on all levels, very cleverly articulated.  And the action all comes from motivation.
Guns, bats, kicks, any weapon will do
No one underestimates their survival.
Confidence is proper calculation and execution.
They play hard and they fight hard.

Who should see this film:
Bee-atches and non-bee-atches.

Final thoughts:

...I plucked my feathers ...shaved my balls after this...
And am Flying south for the winter

This film taught me:
- A bird in the hand is a bird in the hand.
-don't hang with someone who has more problems than you ;

Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey Movie Rating
 Movie songs:
Coming soon.
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