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Fast and furious 9 -story, cast crew and trailer: As everyone knows that Vin Disel 's new movie is coming soon. and here we will be providing you with the Fast and Furious 9 story, cast crew and trailer and movie crew. stay with us.

The fast and furious story, cast crew and trailer:

 Fast and Furious 9- story, cast crew and trailer

Movie story:
The story is about Dom Toretto who is living a peaceful life with his wife and his son Brain but the danger is coming in the shape of Dom's brother Jakob who is a very clever thief and assassin and the best car the driver who hates his brother because he is better than him. Dom  and his team come together to stop this threat .Han is also back but we don't know how he is alive but we will know on 22 may. Cipher is also back who is using Jakob to take his revenge from Dom.

Cast and crew:

Vin Diesel:
The main lead of film playing the role of Dominic Toretto.
Charlize Theron:
playing the role of Cipher.
Jordana Brewster:
Playing the role of Mia.
Michelle Rodriguez:
Playing the role of Letty Ortiz.
Helen Mirren:
Playing the role of Magdalen Shaw.
Michael Rooker:
Playing role of Buddy.
Tyrese Gibson:
Playing the role of Roman.
John Cena:
Playing the role of Jakob.


·         Director: Justin Lin
·         Produced by: Original Film, Universal Pictures.
·         Music by: Brian Tyler
·         Cinematography :  Stephen F. Windon.
·         Location: USA
·         Budget:207 million USD
·         Writers: Daniel Casey
·         Film editing by Greg
Movie release date:
The movie is releasing on May 22,2020 if you are interested so go and watch with your love one.

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