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Tanhaji full movie review and box office collection: This movie is about the famous Maratha warrior Tanaji Malasure. Ajay Devgun in performing the role of Tanaji. And on the opposite side, Saif Ali Khan is playing the role of Uddhaban Singh Rathore, who was the fort keeper appoint by Mughals. And Kajol is performing the part of the wife of Tanaji.

Tanahaji Full movie Box office collection

This(Tanhaji Full movie) is the 100th movie of Ajay Devgun. And after 12 years, Ajay is working with Kajol. This movie is released with 3880 screens in India and 660 screen overside. On the first day, it earned 14.5 crores. The estimate is 16 crore, but it didn't perform well in east and north India. Overall it performed well, but it has to improve in the north and east India.

Tanhaji Full movie Review:

Everyone knows that Ajay Devgun’s new movie Tanhaji is on the way. In this movie, Ajay is with his wife, Kajol Devgun. And on the other side, Saif Ali Khan is in this movie.

Ajay in this(Tanhaji Full movie) is playing the role of Tanaji Malusare, who the military leader of Maharaja Shiva Gee. At that, time Tanaji was preparing the marriage of his daughter. At that point, the Shiva's mother demanded a fort Kondhana to conquered immediately.

Shiva thought that Tanaji could do this effectively. So, he called him and ordered him to attack the fort. Tanaji attacked the fort, fought with full braveness. But he was unable to conquerer the fort. 

Battle of Sindbad

Tanaji Postponed the marriage of his daughter. Then, he gave a statement "adhi lagin kondhanyach mag majhya raibacha," which means "First fort and marriage. He decided to attack the fort with 3000 soldiers from another side of the fort in the night. They decided to climb the walls of the fort with Bengal Lizard. And after the opening of the fort doors, Shiva will attack and conquered the fort.

On the other side, Udhaban Singh Rathore in this(Tanhaji Full movie) was the fort keeper appointed by Mughals. His soldiers saw the Tanaji and prepared themselves for the battle. This battle is known as the battle of Sindbad in History. 
Tanaji, after climbing the fort with Bengal Lizard, opened the doors of the fort. After this, he sent a message to Shiva for the opening of the doors. And continued the battle. When the army of Shiva reached the fort, they saw Tanaji dying in the arms of Udhaban. 

After the conquest of the fort, a message about the death and conquest was sent to Shiva. After listening to this news, he said which "Gad ala, pan Sinha gela" means "Fort is captured, but the lion is lost."


So, this was the "Tanhaji full movie review and box office collection." If you liked it, then don't forget to share this with your friends and others. And also if you have any queries about it. Then, feel free to comment below.
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